February 26, 2016

"The YNBA has been instrumental in developing elite basketball players in the region through their support of Ontario Basketball's Talent and Identification (TID) Program. The YNBA is a shining example of how a local association can partner with the Ontario Basketball Association to further the state of basketball in our province. I am extremely grateful for their support and cannot speak highly enough of the entire organization, from their leadership team to their coaches, players and parents. "
Brad Matsugu 
Ontario Basketball TIDP

February 22, 2014

Hello Jason, Darlene and the Bantam Boys coaches,
I would like to share a conversation I had with a couple of parents (Peter Gunn and Giselle Kazarian) from Richards team (Spectacular). They were so impressed with the positive experience with the YNBA. They felt it was the one league out of all the different sports their kids participate in where the feeling of competition is there, yet it is not the focus of the experience. They felt the sportsmanship shown by the coaches has trickled down through their players and the parents. They also said seeing the coaches cheer on the other players and positive reinforcement has the parents doing the same in the bleachers. I saw it last week when I coached Pete's team (Bulls) and one of his players got his first points of the season. The entire crowd erupted on his first basket and was even louder with his second. I just wanted you all to know and say Thank you.

Sean Murphy
YNBA Bantam Boys Convenor
Team 1 The Beasts Bantam Boys Coach
Wolverines Atom Boys Coach

"It has always been a pleasure to be involved as both a parent and coach in this organization. The enjoyment and safety of the kids is a guiding principle. The learning environment is one that provides kids of every level and opportunity to develop both as athletes and people."


My time spent as both a player and coach in the York North Basketball Association, the then Newmarket Basketball Club, were truthfully some of the most incredible experiences in my life. During that time I made friends I will never forget, found role models to look up to, and managed to do it all while playing the sport I loved and still love today. For me, playing basketball on the weekends meant more than just bouncing and shooting a ball at a net, it meant that it was once again time for me to enter a world of competitive, yet accommodating, sport with teammates, opponents, coaches, and parents who I was more than happy to be around. Win or lose, it never really mattered, because our coaches and teammates always understood the true reasons why we played on those weekends, and it was simply to have fun while making an effort to improve our skills in a sport that we were all passionate about. Although I must admit, I seem to remember the feeling of winning the few championship games that I had the pleasure to partake in with my various teams. As I said, the coaches were always so amazing in what they did and truly created an environment for every player to feel comfortable to just have fun and improve whatever aspect of their game that they wanted to develop. For that reason, I was so eager when the time came for me to become a coach, as I was granted the opportunity to do the exact same thing for youth players whose faces reminded me of my own when I first started playing in the YNBA. I felt both excited and nervous at the same time, because I knew I had the responsibility to provide the same great experiences for my players that I had received in my earlier seasons, the experiences that I remember so fondly and will never forget. I am proud to say that I accomplished that task, and the reason I know that to be true is because I have never forgotten the enthusiasm and excitement of my players from those years, and I’m positive that they haven’t either. My first season as a coach my team brought me to the championship game and unfortunately we lost, but the memories were priceless and I made sure that my team knew how proud I was to be their coach. My second season as a coach however, my team managed to bring me to the championship game and we had the pleasure of winning. I won’t ever forget their faces and the enjoyment they felt after their hard work and effort had come to fruition, it was quite an amazing sight. The beautiful thing about playing or coaching basketball in the YNBA is that not only do you have the opportunity to improve upon your skills involving the game of basketball, but you also inadvertently develop life skills that are extremely valuable, including but are not limited to, leadership, teamwork, confidence, character, and the importance of hard work and initiative. I am currently in the process of applying to Faculties of Education throughout Ontario, and I can say with confidence that my time in the YNBA provided me with these invaluable life skills, and also encouragement for what I always wanted to pursue in my life. It is these experiences that I will always treasure, will always provide me with a foundation for the career path as an educator, and what has ultimately confirmed my passion for not only the game, but far more than I ever imagined. I want to thank the YNBA and all those involved for providing me with priceless memories and skills, and for continuing to do it for the youth today.

-Andrew D. Creek 


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